Welcome to the International Music Festival and Competition, an annual event that provides musicians with opportunities to perform,
to conduct and to write music while receiving professional guidance by leading experts in the classical music industry.
Students and young professionals of all nationalities, ages, levels, and musical disciplines are invited to apply.

Registration deadline: Sunday, March 2, 2025, 11:59 p.m. (EST).

“The IMFC is an exciting opportunity for composers to receive feedback and suggestions from established professionals as part of a world-class festival.”
Gary Kulesha, composer, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

“The International Music Festival and Competition is an incredible opportunity to hear the young musicians of tomorrow perform and give
them constructive feedback on their playing, and it is an opportunity for these young musicians to learn in an environment that is welcoming,
nurturing, helpful, and values excellence.” – Andrew Ascenzo, cellist, University of Toronto

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed the spirit of the competition.” – Jennifer Le Forestier, competitor

“I was very impressed with the highly professional work of the piano judges!”Iana Ahilov, competitor

“Everything, beginning to end, was very well organized and tastefully designed: medals, trophies, certificates, gala concert tickets, and posters.
It was a visually beautiful event!”Dina Mitnik, audience member

“What a great opportunity!”Elizabeth Campbell, competitor