The International Music Festival and Competition (IMFC) provides musicians of all ages opportunities to perform, to conduct and to write music while receiving professional guidance by leading professionals in the classical music industry. Music students and young professionals of all countries, nationalities, ages, levels and musical disciplines are invited to apply.

The IMFC has 2 divisions: Festival and Competition.

The Festival is open to anyone without restrictions. The Festival awards Medallions (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and a Trophies for the highest mark in each class. Each competitor receives a Certificate, written adjudication and a mark.

The Competition has two section: Performing Arts (instruments and voice) and Creative Arts (composition and conducting). The Competition awards Prizes (Grand, First, Second, Third).

Both the Festival and the Competition divisions can award Special Awards.

Bursaries are awarded to qualified competitors in accordance with Section IX of the IMFC Rules.